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Integralarts Classes



By developing one's body-awareness, the path to body/mind equilibrium opens, thus encouraging the rediscovery of deep, inner relaxation: the yearning for a holistic sense of calm is fulfilled ...

With this special style, Vinyasa Yoga, Anina guides her course participants to combine their physical potential with their source of inner balance and spiritual calm, creating a conscious interaction between body, mind and spirit. ​


Holistic methods of preparing for and re-toning after a birth Prenatal:


Yoga during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman naturally looks inwards. She has access to an intimate part of herself which reaches beyond her own person towards the child inside and further to touch the secret and wonder of creation itself. This is a particularly special and blessed time which can be celebrated, supported and helped along by a very special variety of yoga.​


Anina von Molnar has been guided and inspired by the following masters and philosophies:


Fred von Allmen - Fred von Allmen has been devoted to Buddhist studies and meditation since 1970. He has practiced under teachers of both the Tibetan and the Theravadin tradition in Asia, Europe and the USA and has spent 7 years in total during this time in retreat.. ​




The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is based on a sequence of exercises taken from yoga, dance, swimming and gymnastics. The individually adjustable machine is recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors in the USA and Europe as being more valuable ergonomically than any other equipment used in physical therapy. ​


Expressive and dynamic flowing movement with Anina von Molnar that finds its strength in Kinetic Energy and breath.


Anina's focus for this training is inspired by using the elements of gravity, balance and momentum. Special techniques and movement sequences open new and diverse modes of expression.​

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